Kimetsu no Yaiba Sword Weapon Demon cos Slayer Tomioka Yoshio Cosplay Sword 1:1 Anime Ninja Knife PU 104cm Weapon Prop

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Color: Tomioka Yoshio

Tomioka Yoshio
Hagashi Akihito
Tokitou Muichirou
Satoman Tanjiro
Hashibira Inosuke
Tsuyuri Kanawo
Kanroji Mitsuri
Agatsuma Zenitsu
Kochou Kanae
God of Fire
Shinazugawa Sanemi
Kochou Shinobu
Half Kochou Shinobu
Superb Hagashi
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Material: Blade PU material, Scabbard blow molding
Total: 101cm Scabbard: 76cm
Add Scabbard 104cm
Hilt: 27cm
Blade Length:75cm
Blade Width:3cm
Blade Thickness:1cm
This is the closest to the 1:1 version!
The blade body is integrally formed without splicing, which is convenient to carry, and the blade tsuba can be disassembled and assembled.
Package: Opp Bag

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